Lights Out!


Intro, Java version

Lights Out is a puzzle game originally released by Tiger Games as a physical toy in 1995. As a senior in highschool I built a version of the game in Java for a course project in AP Computer Science.

Lights Out has a few interesting variants and properties. Lights Out features a 5x5 grid of lights. Clicking on any individual light toggles it, as well as the four adjacent lights. “Lights Out Delux” follows the same rules but on a 6x6 board.

Randomly generating Lights Out boards has some interesting properties. For a 6x6 board, any given board is always solveable. For a 5x5 board, only some boards are solveable. Solveable boards are all orthogonal to two known vectors (Anderson and Feil).

Java Lights Out

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Python Version

A few years later, I also implemented the game in Python to try out the py_cui TUI library.

Python Lights Out

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